Thermic c-pack 1300B Insole Heating Set

Thermic c-pack 1300B Insole Heating Set


Keeping your toes and feet warm will improve your skiing. Do so with the Thermic Smartpack IC 1200. The Lithium-Ion Batteries are very low profile and low weight; you will not even know that they are there. The Smartpack's three different heat levels will keep you comfortable no matter how cold you get on the slopes. At cold temperatures your toes are the furthest distance from the heart and the last to get warm blood. Treat yourself to a set of heaters today, your feet and your skiing will thank you for it.

Ultra Lightweight Lithium-Ion Batteries
3 Heat Levels, Adjustable with a Control Panel
Global Charger Included
Extremely Short Charging Time
A Must Have for Skiers with Poor Circulation, Diabetes, Raynaud's
Sold in Pairs

  • 3 heat levels to customize your heat

Level 3: 3h - 4h
Level 2: 7h - 10h
Level 1: 16h - 22h

  • Pack contains: 2 batteries and international power adapters, 2 top covers and 2 heating elements.