Custom Insoles for every foot and every activity while at work or at play, make them happy and put your best foot forward

Your feet work hard!

They are your base of support, your propulsion, and often the single point of contact between you and your equipment. Why not support them in a way they deserve? Whether you run, hike, bike, ski, snowboard, multisport, golf, rugby, netball, basketball, or even if you are a tradesman or retail person that are on their feet all day, your foot will benefit from the stability and comfort of custom insoles. By supporting your foot in a powerful neutral positioan, aligning the strongest bones in the ankle and foot, you can reduce fatigue, help prevent injuries, and improve the performance and enjoyment of your favourite activities.



Shell Modification - Stretching the plastic of the boot to accommodate the foot, common areas are ankle bone, width of foot and bunions.  A simple process that offers maximum comfort.

At Solelab we have a complete collection of stretching equipment to accommodate every part of the shell

  • Custom Equipment for Differences in Leg Length
  • Ankle pressure, either inside or outside ankle bones
  • Bunion’s around the big toe joint
  • Tailor’s bunion around the outside of the foot (6th toe area)
  • Mid-foot and fore-foot width issues
  • Little toe compression
  • Boney heel spurs and bumps
  • Navicular bone pressure
  • Pressure on big toe only
  • Numbness in the toes and fore-foot
  • Or, any other instance when the boot pressure is causing discomfort and upsizing to the next size is too loose.
  • Any other areas of the boot that is creating uncomfortable pressure on your foot







We are able to repair many boot problems from replacing buckles to heels and toes - in most cases we can get the parts you need to make your boots good as new.



For sufferers of cold feet, poor circulation and diabetes, boot warmers may be an option to consider. These units consist of a small element that sits under the toes and a battery unit fixed to the ski boot. The elements can be fitting to any footbed and provide a gentle heat to these areas improving comfort and circulation