Sidas 3Feet Slim Mid Insole
Sidas 3Feet Slim Mid Insole
Sidas 3Feet Slim Mid Insole
Sidas 3Feet Slim Mid Insole

Sidas 3Feet Slim Mid Insole


The Slim version is a pre moulded insole offering maximum comfort great shock absorption, injury prevention and an anti-bacterial action. Insoles specifically designed for high arch feet.

Specifically designed to fit into shoes where volume in the forefoot can be quite limited, such as leather/dress footwear, bike shoes, ultra marathon/zero drop shoes. The other major advantage of this insole is that it the forefoot can be trimmed off with a pair of scissors, turning it into a 2/3 style insole for shoes that are very tight around the toes.

*They can also be cut to be used as half insoles.


  • EVA Sole for great cushioning and support
  • Perforated forefoot for breathable action
  • EVA 2 mm: Thin and cushioned
  • Anatomical construction adapted to high arch feet for great support
  • EVA pad on the heel for improved shock absorbing.
  • Washable
  • Cutting line for making half-insoles
  • Microfibre covering: Comfortable & antibacterial

SUITABLE FOR: Cycling, Running, Golf, Trekking, Hiking, Walking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Everyday, Builders, Archery, Shooting, Hunting, Basketball, Netball, Squash, Badminton, Motocross, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Roller Skating, Inline Skating

PLEASE NOTE: This product has to be trimmed and fitted in store so please bring your footwear with you so we can ensure a perfect fit of the footbed.

To arrange an appointment please call the shop on: 021 626903 or email


  • Consultation
  • 3Feet Insole
  • Fitting to your footwear


  • X-Small: 22-23.5cm (2-3 UK)
  • Small: 23.5-24.5cm (4-5 UK)
  • Medium: 25-26.5cm (6-7UK)
  • Large: 27-28cm (8-9UK)
  • X-Large: 28.5-29.5cm (10-11.5UK)
  • XX-Large: 30+cm (12+ UK)