Sidas Custom Comfort Insole
Sidas Custom Comfort Insole

Sidas Custom Comfort Insole


The Winter Custom Comfort is a fully customizable footbed designed specifically for ski boots, snowboard boots and touring boots.


  • As the foot collapses it does not sit correctly inside the ski boot, this results in pressure points, especially on the ankles and wider area of your foot, as well as alignment issues and putting extra pressure on your knees hips and back.
  • Improves balance and energy transmission on every turn by increasing the contact between your foot and your ski boot, making them move as one with increased control and power with less effort.
  • Improves circulation and blood flow due to the whole foot being supported evenly, creating a warmer boot.
  • Better fitting ski boot creating more space around your toes and width, and allows the heel to be held more securely giving more comfort and control
  • Firm Stabiliser reinforces the chassis and arches
SUITABLE FOR: Skiing, Snowboarding, Roller Skating, Inline Skating

PLEASE NOTE: This product has to be molded and fitted in store so please bring your footwear with you so we can ensure a perfect fit of the footbed.

To arrange an appointment please call the shop on: 021 626903 or email


  • Consultation
  • Molding Process
  • Custom Insole
  • Custom EVA Stabiliser
  • Fitting to your footwear


  • X-Small: 22-23.5cm (2-3 UK)
  • Small: 23.5-24.5cm (4-5 UK)
  • Medium: 25-26.5cm (6-7UK)
  • Large: 27-28cm (8-9UK)
  • X-Large: 28.5-29.5cm (10-11.5UK)
  • XX-Large: 30+cm (12+ UK)