Zip Fit Freeride Grand Prix Stealth Leather
Zip Fit Freeride Grand Prix Stealth Leather
Zip Fit Freeride Grand Prix Stealth Leather
Zip Fit Freeride Grand Prix Stealth Leather

Zip Fit Freeride Grand Prix Stealth Leather


Introducing the unique Freeride fluted “spoiler” and leg conformability system

The elastic collar allows every skier, regardless of lower-leg shape morphology and fore-aft ankle flexibility, to stand a little taller (upright) and in a more a comfortably neutral, Athletic, Active Alerted Posture. A less crouched stance imposed by built-into and locked forward-lean ankle-angles typical in many ski boots today.

FreeRide's Unique Snow-Collar and Spoiler — The most comfortable top of boot spoiler system. This new Zipfit system is designed to virtually eliminate back-of-leg, knee, shin, thigh and forefoot cramping for every leg length and shape. It begins with the Neoprene lining throughout and is amplified by the fingered flutes cut into the spoiler's plastic. FreeRide© provides Zipfit's legendary ankle, heel and lower leg support while creating a more comfortable upright stance over the mid foot that disperses typical leg pressures and stresses without compromising essential support. Works for every level of skier in any boot.

OMFit© is Zipfit's Cork Flow Composite — Prepacked into three places — the ankles, heels and tongue. OMFlt©, or OneMinuteFit, relieves all bony pressures like magic and provides tenacious heel-hold-down.

Spot-Fit© Custom Injection — Zipfit is the only inner boot liner that allows you to adjust the fit whenever needed. Our FAIL-SAFE Spot-Fit© system allows OMFit© cork to be precisely injected or extracted at anytime in three locations to meet your personal anatomical needs around the shin, instep, ankle and heel.

Open Tongue Window — Relieves instep pressures by comfortably dispersing OMfit© uniformly. Improves instep room and support between your foot and the outer shell plastic.

Neoprene Midfoot and Toe Box — Now triple insulated with soft- elastic Neoprene, Thinsulate® and wool for warmth. Zipfit's sock-like forefoot and toe freedom combined with our unique rear-foot stability improves balance and circulation for more comfort and control.

Asymmetrical Tongue and Spoiler – Comfortably fits the asymmetrical anatomy of your feet and legs for optimum balance and control at all times. Protects leg from shell plastic.

Inner Boot Lining — Leather lining with Neoprene® tongue for the very best glove like fit.

Stealth Honeycombed Rubber Laminate — Bonds your Zipfit inner boot to the outer shell plastic. Minimizes vibration and relieves stress to knees and quads. Optimizes sensitivity and control with every turn.

Power Strap and Speed Lacing — This unique ankle and lower leg bracing system gives you precise leverage in your turns. Relieves the need for tight buckling.


* These liners must be heat moulded before skiing